Project Lily

Robotics Project
Co-Creator & Leader


I led the Robot Project for my FLL team of 9, handling research, design and programming of a disaster recovery assisstance robot for flood zones.

Project Lily (initially called Filter Project) is designed as a robot that floats on the surface of flood water and filters it into an internal compartment. This filtration system is powered by a set of solar panels on top.

The robot roams on the flood water, being carried by the current, and when picked up by stranded civilians, provides them with clean water and food supplies within. Also, the robot senses when picked up and sends a distress signal to rescue workers to provide support based on its GPS coordinates.

All of this is controllable through an interface designed for the rescue teams to identify the locations of the robots which are meant to be deployed in large numbers as well as places where distress signals have been sent from.


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