The Oasis Robots

9 Months
Robotics Project


A project that was inspired by the increasingly deteriorating situation of various UNESCO recognized world heritage sites, these robots were created with the intent of cleaning up the various ancient systems of water that exist in Oman. Each individual robot served its own purpose as part of an ecosystem – a water-based robot that picked up tiny Lego pieces designed to simulate waste particles, a robotic joystick to manually control it remotely using Bluetooth, a dock to clear any collected debris from the robot and sort it while collecting energy using an automated solar panel.

Also, a wall cleaning unit wipes dirt off the sides of the tunnels at regular intervals to further ensure the safe passage of water.

In addition to this, a group of robots was built to educate the public on the significance of this cultural monument through an interactive quiz where participants guide a car to play match-the-following.


Awards Won: