Project Taraxacum

8 Months
Robotics Project
Co-Creator & Leader


I programmed and built a remote controlled robotic rover with the purpose of collecting soil samples from harsh environments. The design, inspired by dandelions, incorporates a number of unique defence features to protect itself against extreme environment.

The robot, nicknamed Danny, was created to endure high winds, snow, and rain while being able to take in solar energy from the environment using an array of eight solar panels enclosed within a mechanism that opens up when conditions are ideal for energy collection. It was controllable using an app that could be used to move it across a grid over the internet using a server which acted as an intermediary.

It used trigonometry to calculate the angles it had to rotate to move to relative locations as well as an array of sensors to facilitate its functions. The robot was meant to be modifiable to be adaptable to the environment of the user’s preference, though this particular version was optimized for use in Antarctica.


Awards Won: