Robotics Project
Co-Creator & Leader


I conceptualized, designed and built a robotic vending machine and a broader ecosystem that provides incentives to stakeholders (customers, shop owners and manufacturers) to recycle waste.

Trashberry is a project that focuses on the issue of waste generated by food that can easily be recycled as well as the immense amount of money and energy spent in the process of automatic sorting and recycling machines. Typically, the automatic sorting process is extremely expensive due to the how advanced the machinery is and how much labor is required.

To combat this, a vending machine was created that dispensed only food items tagged with unique RFID codes so that a sorting machine would simply have to scan the RFID to detect the packaging material of a food product in order to recycle them separately. Both the vending and sorting machine were integrated into a single internet-enabled unit that essentially replaced millions of dollars’ worth of machinery.

The system also allows the creation of a rewards system that gave users Trashberries (a form of credit) for recycling that let users purchase more items for free. It encourages users to recycle and take advantage of this system.

Representing Project Trashberry, I was the youngest finalist at the UAE AI & Robotics For Good Award. The project was also presented at the National Innovation Exhibition and the Emirates Energy Award.


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