Maverick Youth

2 Years
Online Publication
Co-Founder & Leader


To provide a platform for high school students to publish articles expressing their views on relevant issues, I co-founded Maverick Youth ( with my brother in 2014. I’m responsible for all aspects of technology. Over 330 articles have been published by students from all over the world.

Maverick Youth is a website that allows young people around the world to contribute articles that are reviewed by a staff of editors before being published for our audience to read. These articles are ideas that a student anywhere might want to express to a large group of people and can reach many through this platform.

In 2015 Maverick Youth created an online campaign to sell branded t-shirts and hoodies. All proceeds from the money raised from fundraising was spent on toys that were given to the children from the Ansar Special Needs School. The t-shirt designs were created by me and we eventually managed to raise over $250 for charity.