Hi, I'm 

Developer of things that are novel and practical, physical and digital, at every level of abstraction. Currently working at DMC Inc.

You can see my projects below and check out my GitHub and LinkedIn.

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How I Got Here

Learning to do 🤝 Doing to learn

As you'll see below, I keep busy with projects that are interesting, refine what I know, and throw me into the deep end of something new.

I started in full stack development by pasting HTML snippets in Blogger, in electronics with Lego robots, and in data science by scraping Spanish tests to study vocab.


Systems, signals, and solder

Silent Comms Device

Senior Design Project2022-2023
Developed non-verbal, non-visual communication medium with silent switches, bone conduction, and haptic motors.

IoT WFH Desk

Inner Space Interior Design2020
Conceptualized smart desk with adjustable height and lighting. Created prototype guts, companion app, management dashboard, and telemetry data processing pipeline.


Litter at natural attractions across India and an episode of 99PI inspired me to work on a reverse-vending machine which tracks and sorts waste using NFC.

Space Mission Escape Room

Rice Escape Club2021-2022
Oversaw several puzzles as Chief Electrical Engineer, advising on feasibility. Maintained and improved previous communication tools to improve latency.

Steam Tunnel Escape Room

Rice Escape Club2019-2020
Developed suite of tools for game hosts to monitor and communicate with escape room participants. Built thongophone puzzle tuned to solution and a light-up door to signify victory.

LED Visualizer

ELEC 3272022
Used RC filter array with a microphone, MSP430, and WS2812b addressable LEDs to create a dynamic music visualizer.


Parsers, pandas, and PyTorch

Bill.com Receipt Challenge

Rice Datathon2023
My team trained a model using fuzzy matching to match receipt data to entries in a table, optimizing the model using third party data from Google Maps and OCR positional information.

Loan Default Prediction

SA Home Loans2020
I improved payment-method opt-out prediction for government worker home loan applicants in South Africa by analyzing data from 20,000 applicants with a veriety of models.

IPEDS Data Exploration

Discussions about college endowments prompted me to examine Rice’s priorities with spending its funds compared to its peers and the relation to U.S. News college rankings using scripts to collate and compare features from the IPEDS dataset.

Rice Course Utilities

Frustrated by Rice’s slow and simple course catalog, I wrote a scraper, 2 powerful course browsers, and a tool to export course information from Rice’s platform to your calendar.

Full Stack Design

Web student becomes the webmaster

Web-Based News Storytelling

Rice Thresher2022-2023
Crafted interactive experiences through the medium of the web to convey themes present in stories about Rice’s baseball team, the RMC’s relationship with the historic third ward, and personal stories from alumni about abortion.


Created a set of research and organization utilities for students participating in MUN conferences. Initially made on a LAMP stack, the current site is server-less and uses the GDrive API to host user content.

Jira Work-Logging App

Target RWE2022
During my internship, I revamped the system used by employees to log hours worked in Jira's ticket system using the Jira Forge API.

Love Poet Anachronism

ENGL 2542023
For an assigment to reimagine classic and modern love poets in a different time period, I created a mock dating app where a user can browse dating profiles and messages of famous poets.

Online Puzzlehunt

Rice Escape2021
Due to COVID restrictions, Rice cancelled in-person activities such as escape rooms. To adapt to this, we created an online puzzlehunt using a reskinned Django template. I managed the hosting and restyled the site.

Productivity Period

Hackrice Hackathon2019
I led a team to develop a Chrome extension that created a synchronized timer across different users' devices to facilitate group study sessions.